There’s no time like the beginning of the year to start making changes to eating healthier.  The key is to take baby steps and make small changes that will last, not just a quick fix. Pick one or two changes to start and then add on as you feel comfortable.  Forget about what you ate in 2014 and focus on how great 2015 will be.


Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Try adding vegetables to every meal. If you don’t eat any vegetables then start with adding them to one meal a day.
  • Set a goal of drinking more water. Have a large glass or water bottle on hand throughout the day.
  • Eliminate processed foods and sugars. Start reading ingredient labels and making sure it’s real food.
  • If there are certain foods that trigger you to feel bad, pick one to take out of your diet and see how you feel. Some examples may be gluten or dairy.


Remember to start with 1 or 2 changes at a time so as not to get frustrated. The goal is to be successful in feeling better, maybe losing weight or having more energy.  Also having support helps keep you on track. Recruit a family member or friend to make these healthier changes with you. We here at The Natural Health Improvement Center can also support you with helping you accomplish A Healthier You in 2015 with our Customized Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Response Testing.



Melissa Cleary

Nutrition Coach