A 35 year old mother of 3 sits across from me at her initial intake, reporting that she went in for her yearly physical with the following complaints: extreme fatigue, intense sugar cravings, weight gain, low mood. She had "googled" these symptoms and was sure her thyroid was low and her doctor would be able to help her. She was disappointed when all of her lab work came back "perfect." She asked her doctor why she was feeling this way and he replied: " You are depressed, here is a prescription for Lexapro. See you next year."


Some women may even buy into the depression diagnosis, and try the medication as an attempt to do something about how awful they feel. Most often the results are minimal or nonexistent, and there is a good reason for this, the medication is not targeting the root cause of their symptoms.  This is how they end up in our office. 


We need to face the fact that lab values, while important, are not the only piece of the puzzle. There are thousands of middle aged women on the southside in the exact same scenario--they're not sick according to their lab values, but they certainly don't feel well. Do you have any friends that feel this way? Suffering from:


-poor quality sleep

-weight gain

-sugar cravings

-low libido

-mood changes


There is hope. We can help. 


A nutritional assessment can be done to uncover the underlying causes of the symptoms. Our goal is to be able to identify the organ or gland that in not functioning properly or is out of balance, and correct this using whole food supplements and homeopathic remedies. We are also able to identify any barriers to healing such as: food sensitvities, chemical and heavy metal toxicities, immune challenges, all of which slow the healing process and negatively impact organs and glands. The entire process is non-invasive, uses your neurologic reflexes and reflex points for your organs and glands, to identify which areas of your body need support. In cases like these, sometimes it is the thyroid asking for nutritional support, other cases it is the pituitary gland (tells the thyroid what to do!) or even adrenal fatigue. The best part about testing is that we don't have to guess, your body tells us where to start! And instead of suppressing symptoms using medication, you can heal by giving your body the building blocks of healthy tissue!


We're looking for Moms who feel like CRAP, and want to get well, holistically! If you know anyone, please let them know there is hope!


You can call 708-636-5555 to schedule your initial consultation (visit 1) and your follow up visit, the Report of Findings with Dr. Phelps, to find out how nutritional therapy can help you!


Written by Dr. Stacy Phelps