Autoimmune conditions are a sign of confusion in your body, our immune system should never attack our own cells, organs or glands when they are healthy. Nutrition Response Testing can uncover the root cause of disease, and then put together a clinically designed program just for you to correct the symptoms!


"Before coming to NHIC I was nervous, restless, anxious and sleepless. I was struggling with conventional doctors who wanted to put me on more meds. I was also having issues of food sensitivities and was hopeful that Nutrition Response Testing would help identify the triggers that aggravate my Hashimoto's condition. Now, my symptoms have improved 85-90%! My sleep has improved to 4-6 hours a stretch, and it was 1-2 before! My major food sensitivities have been identified. An added little miracle is that I am off all of my medications, including Levoxyl that I had been taking for 31 years! Weight, blood sugar and blood pressure are all normal! Love this!"  - L.J.