You train hard, and sometimes your muscles are aching 2-3 days later. You’re experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness.  Sports massage can help relieve the pain and get you back in the gym ready to take on more and achieve greater fitness levels.


Sports Massage and Shiatsu are natural companions. Both performed with clothes on, providing stretching, releasing, balancing.


Pressure points are used, with finger/thumb pressure in Shiatsu, foam rollers, knees and elbows in sports massage combined with effective stretch releases, resisted stretching (PNF) in sports massage to help you achieve maximum performance.


Sam brings extensive training and experience to make available to you a sports specific, YOU specific effective treatment to help you achieve your fitness goals. She has helped pro football players, martial artists, bodybuilders, dancers, and triathletes. Her services are in demand after the Chicago Marathon.


Evaluation and treatment are performed simultaneously.


Call today to schedule your first appointment. You will feel better after one treatment, and discuss treatment schedule, self-care, post-workout recommendations and make a plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, minimize pain, maximize recovery and feel great.


Make an appointment and start living healthy today!


By Sam Margaret Wolf, LMT, ACE personal trainer