Did you know? 


It takes a lot of pressure to be born. Approximately 120 pounds per square inch of pressure (psi) total is needed for birth; 80psi coming from the uterus, 40psi from abdominal muscles, gravity, and other sources...  Sounds rough for mom and little one. 


Do babies help to push themselves down by kicking upward in moms uterus to help propel themselves out? Studies show if you have an epidural the baby won't help.


Babies can feel during the birth! And you wonder why they come out kicking and screaming, luckily we don't remember it!


And when in the womb, fetuses are not always in optimal positions- after a while they have less and less space to move. With malposition of their head, neck, hips, or just the birthing process may lead the newborn to be uneasy or seem to have discomfort. Mom will many times notice some of these signs- such as preference to nurse on one side, preferring to look only to one side, colick, indigestion, sleeplessness, constipation, difficulty crawling, etc.



Did you know chiropractic helps moms pre- and postpartum and newborns!

Chiropractic adjustments...

Reduce labor times

Reduces rates of dystocia (difficult labor)

Improve Range of Motion (mom and baby!)

Patients report: babies improved colick, improved sleep (mom and baby), improved bowel movement regularity, decreased discomfort and pain, eased movement 


Chiropractic adjustments for newborns are gentle, safe, and effective. Give us a call to schedule your appointment! See you soon!


Dr. Kat Aleman