Childhood headaches are very common and there are not very many treatment options. Parents are frequently asked to have their children lay in a darkened, quiet room with a cool cloth over their forehead or eyes.  By the age of 15, about 75% of children have experienced at least one, and many have recurring headaches.


A headache is defined as “pain or discomfort in the head or facial structures.” Most headaches are caused by changes in the surrounding blood vessels, muscles or by infection or the eye, ear, teeth or sinuses. Other causes include stress, food allergies, changes in hormone levels, dehydration, lack of sleep and too much time in front of a computer or TV screen.


More research is showing that children who receive 20-30 minute massages weekly show immediate improvement in their mood, reduced frequency of headaches and longer-term behavioral improvement in the classroom.


Massage is beneficial for adult headaches too. The session involves loosening the tissues of the back, shoulders, chest, neck, and scalp as well as facial points. Headache treatment sessions are very gentle and can provide immediate relief. With regular care headaches become less intense and shorter in length.



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Sam Margaret Wolf, LMT, CST, ACE