Let's face it, the word of nutrition is expanding as we see people wanting to do more to promote getting well and staying well within their families, and we LOVE this! We cannot rely on our current healthcare system to do this job for us, and taking control of your own health is the BEST health insurance there is. 


With that being said, there is so much information out there about what we all "should" be doing, and so many experts to listen to. We see so many patients getting enthusiastic about embarking on a cleaner lifestyle but can't decide on which of the million "cleanses" out there is for them or whether to do what Dr. Oz or their next door neighbor tells them. It can be overwhelming just to begin!


This is why we believe in simplifying the process--and a custom designed nutritional program can do this exact thing by taking the guesswork out of what vitamins to take and what to eat. 


Most bodies do NOT need bottles and bottles of synthetic supplements to regain health. We need precise nutritional support from whole foods and nervous system support from expertly designed homeopathic remedies, lots of pure water and clean food! We say "if it grows, eat it!" 


We like to help you get the majority of what your body needs from the foods you eat and use your supplement program to fill in the gaps. 


If you are wondering if the vitamins you are taking are working for you, or what your body is missing, then a Nutrition Response Testing Assessment is an effective tool to determine what your body needs!



Testimonial: "All of my co-workers are miserable with allergy symptoms. Itchy, watery eyes and sinus congestion and drainage. I've never felt better! And I am off all allergy medication--I'm sure Walgreen's is wondering where I've been!"


In Good Health,



Dr. Stacy Phelps

Nutrition Response Testing