I’ve had neck pain many times in my life- from school, studying, reading for pleasure, poor posture while sitting “relaxing”, and from car accidents. Chiropractic and massage have been the most effective treatment to resolve my neck pain.


There are many research studies showing the effectiveness of chiropractic for neck pain, Dr. Mercola has published the results of a recent study on his website. There were 272 patients with neck pain receiving treatment for 12 weeks. Many patients pain was resolved after treatment; 32% that received chiropractic care were pain-free, 30% that exercised were pain-free, and only 13% of those that received medication were pain-free.


The chiropractic philosophy is based on making corrections (adjustments) to allow the body to heal itself, innately. Chiropractic eases the pain, improves range of motion, and decreases muscle tension. In addition, chiropractic will help benefit your body’s functioning on a deeper level, think improved functioning at the cellular level, less stress on your organs, and therefore improved quality of life.


Have nagging neck pain? Try chiropractic and exercise! Give us a call and make an appointment!


Dr. Kat Aleman