Let's face it, parasites have a bad reputation. They conjure up images we would like to erase from our memories for good--worms with angry faces. They're not spoken of often, and unless the symptoms are obvious, they are rarely looked at as the cause of health issues, even obvious digestive imbalances. 


Using Nutrition Response Testing we routinely find parasites causing stress on the nervous system, organs, and immune system. Here are some symptoms that parasites may be the cause of your health issues:


1. You're tired despite getting enough sleep.

2. You don't sleep well despite being tired. 

3. You don't poop daily or you poop all day long!

4. You experience gas, abdominal bloating or indigestion despite eating well.

5. You have chronic skin complaints that don't respond to topical treatments.

6. You have intense cravings for sweets--cookies, candy, cake, soda, ice cream. 

7. You grind your teeth at night and/or have TMJ issues that won't resolve.

8. You have generalized pain or aching in your joints.

9. You're experiencing anxiety and/or depression that seems unexplained. 

10. You have a history of food poisoning or have traveled abroad and your digestion has not been the same since. 


If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, you may have some creatures inside that need to be eliminated to get you back on track to feeling your best!



Dr. Stacy Phelps