Chiropractors learn the art of adjusting in chiropractic school in order to help improve patients wellness. First an area of the spine is identified as restricted. Restrictions are when a joint is not moving fully or properly. Having restrictions in the spine is similar to a road block, or construction when you’re travelling… they’re an interference. In the spine interference makes it difficult for the nervous system to send and receive messages from the brain. 


Restrictions can have no symptoms at all, or may cause distress on different organ systems in your body with a multitude of symptoms. Symptoms include: stiffness, aches, pain, headaches, stomach discomfort (digestive distress), muscle tightness and spasm, and many others! Chiropractic adjustments will even help your body function and you not realize, improved blood pressure, improved T-cell (immune system boosting) function.


Seeing a chiropractor helps to reduce these restrictions, and improve quality of life. Give us a call to schedule an adjustment!


Be Restriction-Free,


Dr. Kat Aleman