Does your young athlete complain about pain and throbbing legs?


Could be growing pains or just discomfort after a very active day.


“Growing pains always concentrate in the muscles, rather than the joints. Most kids report pains in the front of their thighs, in the calves, or behind the knees. Joints affected by more serious diseases are swollen, red, tender, or warm — the joints of kids having growing pains look normal.


Although growing pains often strike in late afternoon or early evening before bed, pain can sometimes wake a sleeping child. The intensity of the pain varies from child to child, and most kids don't have the pains every day.” From


To determine if the pains are from growing or something more serious, observe how your child responds to touch. Serious injuries/illnesses cause the child to be resistant to massaging and cuddling, while children with growing pains respond favorably.


That’s where we can help. Regular chiropractic care and massage can be very beneficial for children with growing pains. The start of the school year is an excellent time to start your child on a program to relieve their aches and help them go through their growth phase with reduced discomfort, making them happier, better students.


Sam Wolf