This time of year is about celebrating and spending time with family and friends who we don’t have the opportunity to see often. Usually, this includes indulging in foods we normally would not eat. If you live in a colder climate, your body also has a natural tendency to hold onto unwanted fat to prepare it for the cold weather that is on its way. The question seems to arise every year “How can I prevent myself from gaining weight during the holidays?” Though it is the body’s natural reaction to gain a couple of pounds to survive the cold, it does not have to be an overabundance of weight gain.


Here are some tips to limiting holiday pounds:

  1. Drink a lot of water! Staying hydrated is just as important in the cold months as in the warmer months. Many times we forget to keep up with water because we aren’t sweating, but with the lack of moisture in the air, we still become dehydrated.
  2. Stay in your routine as much as you can, i.e. sleep, exercise, meditation/prayer. It’s not a big secret that the holidays can bring about more stress, being out of routine can add to that. When stress levels are elevated they tend to increase a hormone called cortisol. When this occurs our body has a tendency to hold onto unwanted fat.
  3. Fill up on water and healthy appetizers. Instead of reaching for the Fannie Mae to begin, reach for a handful of nut mix or some veggies.
  4. Scope out the food before filling your plate! Doing this helps you decide what you would like to expend your calories on. It also helps to decide how big of portions you want to take of each thing.
  5. Watch alcohol intake. Holiday cheer is free-flowing at many parties. Alcohol is high in sugar so be conscious of this tip will also get you home safely!


There are many other ways to help you move through the holidays while maintaining your weight, health and sanity. For more information please call 708-636-5555 and make an appointment with Christina Fitch.


Many holiday blessings!


Christina Fitch