Q: Can Chiropractic care provide relief for sinus congestion, pressure, and headaches?


A: Yes! Your sinuses consist of eight hollow spaces in the bones of the forehead, cheeks, and temples. Healthy, open sinuses are lined with sticky mucus to ensure that air going into the lungs is moist, warm and free from dust, dirt, and pollutants. Without these filters, lungs, kidneys, and blood can become permeated with toxins. 


With sinus congestion, sinusitis or sinus infection, the linings are inflamed. The tissues become full of mucus and drainage is blocked. The increased pressure causes pain, swelling around the eyes, clogged nasal passages, chills, fever, dizziness, and loss of appetite. If these tissues do not drain properly, an infection can ensue and cause further pain and discomfort.  While antibiotics will remove the infection from the tissues, they do not promote adequate drainage of the blocked sinuses, which is why some people suffer from chronic sinus infections.


When vertebra alignment is off the muscles that attach to them can become swollen or spastic and close off the lymphatic drainage of the head and neck. Dr. Vicki carefully adjusts the spine to correct the spinal misalignments. In addition, she uses gentle activator adjustments and acupressure points to help break up sinus congestion and promote drainage of the sinuses.

Most patients notice decreased congestion within 15 minutes of having a sinus adjustment, and for chronic sinusitis sufferers, regular sinus adjustments can help reduce the frequency of infection or even eliminate them completely.


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Dr. Vicki Gadzacka