Did you know that Massage Therapy can provide relief for headaches? And significant relief for chronic sinus pressure! 


One to three half-hour sessions can make a huge difference naturally, without medication. 


Our highly trained and experienced massage therapist is here to help YOU, she has helped many others with this gentle treatment. Here’s what some of them have to say:


When I first came in, my neck and shoulders were like rocks, had headaches and soreness. After a relatively short time of treatment, my feelings of wellness have multiplied tremendously! I feel like a new person.”  -Nancy


“I had migraines with blinding pain, tense shoulders, side pain, neck aches, low range of motion and uncomfortable sleep. After treatment, I have no headaches of that magnitude, no shoulder pain or neck aches, better range of motion and comfortable, deeper sleep.”    – Shannon


“I come in about every two weeks for therapeutic massage and adjustments and that really seems to help a lot with the tension headaches from my sitting position at work.”  -Mary


If you or someone you know wants to feel better naturally, call today to schedule an appointment




Sam Wolf, LMT