While many adults may seek chiropractic care for their pain and discomforts, many don’t think to have their children’s spines checked as well. It is important to remember that those aches and pains, bulging discs, and muscle strains didn’t happen overnight.  These aches and pains are the body’s response to years of misaligned and restricted joints.  It’s the body’s way of saying, “Enough already”.  


When we look at the biomechanics of the body, we learn that the body is constantly adapting to the stresses we place it under.  A misaligned or restricted vertebra here, a small tightening of the muscles over there to counter-balance the weight and allow for continued mobility.  It truly is incredible the way the body is able to adjust and adapt to stress. The long-term effects of these misalignments and restrictions are often not felt until adulthood when the body’s adaptation processes become pain signals, which are simply the body’s way of stopping you from moving the area anymore. This is often the first time someone seeks care from a chiropractor.  But care really should begin before these aches and pains show up.


Chiropractic for children is incredibly safe and very gentle. Because infants and children have not had a lifetime of restrictions and adaptations, often all that is necessary is a small fingertip vibration or gentle push over the vertebra to help realign the spine and remove the subluxation.  The chiropractor uses approximately the same pressure it would take to dent the skin of an overripe tomato.  As the child grows older, small increases in pressure are applied as appropriate to the growth and size of the child.


Children get subluxations in their spine the same way adults do, through everyday stresses, impacts, falls, and even from the birthing process.  Remember, these aches and pains in adults so often seem to “just happen”, or come on because of a simple movement such as turning the head, standing up, bending over, etc., because they are an accumulation of a lifetime of small insults to the spine and joints.   


Regular chiropractic care for children has a variety of benefits beyond decreasing stress on the spine. Research suggests that chiropractic care can boost the immune system and relieve pressure on the nerves, which can have positive effects in a variety of situations.  Case study after case study has been published reporting positive results on everything from ADHD and bedwetting, to colic and ear infections, all from simple and gentle chiropractic adjustments by a chiropractor trained to care for children.