No matter your particular age or skill level, every athlete uses basic patterns of movement and stabilization to excel at his or her specific sport. Being able to train those basic patterns under the guidance of a qualified provider is exactly what can set your performance apart from your competition.


Dr. Bill is an expert in the field of movement and stabilization.   He has worked with athletes of from as young as grade school through division 1 college competitors, assisting with improving biomechanics to reduce the likelihood of injury and improve stamina and endurance.


While peak performance is the primary aim of every athlete, being able to train with quality and effectiveness so that you can build agility and strength without injury is Dr. Bill’s ultimate goal for you.


Too many times, due to misguided training regimens, athletes inevitably end up with some form of repetitive strain injury to their joints or muscles which cause their performance to stagnate or deteriorate. With Dr. Bill supervising your training, you will be able to fine-tune the biomechanics that will reduce the likelihood of injury as well as support taking your competition to the next level!


Schedule a functional assessment today with Dr. Bill to discuss your performance goals and determine an effective, reasonable training regimen that will put you on the path to excellence! Call the Natural Health Improvement Center at 708-636-5555.



Dr. Bill Tortoriello