For years, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I knew I always wanted to help people, but I didn’t want to get into the medical field, as I knew most of it didn’t help. I have 4 children, 1 has autism and 1 has bipolar disorder, the other 2 were always sick. I would spend hours on the internet looking for holistic ways to treat them and help my family.  I made my own body products, herbal remedies and so on.


Some helped, but most didn’t. I got so discouraged, as my health declined and I was on antibiotic after antibiotic, then to steroids, and then back to antibiotics. My sinus infections, allergies, weight issues, and depression were awful.  


Then, through word of mouth, my mother stumbled onto Nutrition Response Testing for her dogs.  After seeing the improvement for her dogs, she asked the vet if this was available for people.  She referred her to Dr. Stacy Phelps.  Dr. Stacy changed my mother and she, in turn, referred me.  BAM!!!!!!  When I went to see Dr. Stacy, I found out that I had an immune challenge (all 4 parasites ICK!!) blocking my ability to heal and no antibiotic or supplement would help at all.  


Dr. Stacy changed my life with Nutrition Response Testing!  I knew from the moment I found this that I wanted to help people with it. I started soaking up all the information I could and applying it to my life and my family.  My own children are now eating healthier, not having to go to the hospital and take antibiotics, focusing in school, and feeling great.  I myself, have no need for antibiotics, steroids, or allergy medicine, I have no more depression, and am losing weight without working out.


Thank you for your knowledge and dedication to the world of healing.  My purpose is to help as many families as I can get well and stay well using the most natural means possible.



Christine Rogus, Practitioner