Personal trainers, doctors, dietitians, CrossFit, trendy diets, and fads, it’s difficult to know which course you should pursue to achieve your fitness and weight-loss goals. Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and seen your friends boast or promote one diet or exercise over another? It can be overwhelming and contradicting!


While many of the aforementioned avenues offer many health-related benefits, only one professional can provide a well-rounded, customized plan that will cater to your needs, abilities, and goals. This professional is the Certified Health Coach.


Obesity is one of the largest health concerns in the United States with 67% of the country’s population who are overweight or obese. That’s a staggering number that has led to 1 in 3 Americans who will develop Type 2 Diabetes or cancer. We all possess the ability to fight this growing problem with our own lifestyle choices. However, too many people are uneducated when it comes to healthy living. Many adopt the mindset that it’s too difficult to stay healthy or that healthy foods and gym memberships are too expensive. If you’ve had this very thought, do not despair. There is an attainable solution for you! Find ways to educate yourself about your body and how to attain a healthy lifestyle.


Here, you will find 10 benefits of hiring a Certified Health Coach.


1. Health Coaches Have Well-Rounded Knowledge

Have you ever found yourself frustrated by not getting the direct answers you’re hoping for at your traditional medicine doctor? Eat well and exercise is the common answer we here when we ask what we should do to be healthier. But, what does that mean?


A Certified Health Coach not only customizes a diet plan catered to your goals and health concerns, but they encourage small changes to attain a healthy lifestyle. You’ll be able to find a plan that is made just for you. Based on your body type, your past experiences with weight loss and exercise, your Health Coach will get to know you inside and out in order to find the best plan for you.


2. Health Coaches Tailor Plans According to Your Needs

There are hundreds of diets and exercise plans out there; no doubt you’ve seen them.

Overwhelming, right?


Many other health professionals will recommend one and then expect you to follow that plan as outlined. The truth is that not one diet is meant to work for every individual. How many times have you attempted a diet or exercise regimen only to find minimal results? As a result, you’ve most likely felt disheartened and discouraged. Understand that we all have different needs, obstacles, and health concerns. The key to achieving your goals is to follow a plan that is catered to you.


Your Health Coach will take the time to get to know you, your habits, your current diet, your health and wellness goals, what history you have with previous diets and exercises, and then they will work with you to outline a plan designed to help you reach your goals.


3. A Health Coach Is Your Ally

How comforting is it to know that your Certified Health Coach will be your colleague and not just someone who will crack a whip? Certified Health Coaches are not drilling sergeants; they are trained to be supportive mentors and to lead by example.


4. Emotional Support And More

Perhaps you’ve wanted more than just information on healthy eating. Fortunately, Certified Health Coaches place a strong emphasis on improving your overall wellness. This means that you that you’ll receive so much more than physical health tips “


5. Receive Quality Education About Your Health

There’s a lot of conflicting information regarding your health, especially as your browse online on social media, blogs, or forums. Again, Certified Health Coaches have expansive knowledge on healthy living and wellness. When working with a Certified Health Coach you’ll be the recipient of the information and experience they have collected and studied.


Your Certified Health Coach will guide you to exercises that will help you strengthen your body and improve your health. They will create or gather clean-eating recipes that you can incorporate into your daily meals for both you and your family. Which foods are best for your body, based on your needs and goals? You’ll soon learn with your Health Coach.


This knowledge will stay with you long after you and your Certified Health Coach part ways. You won’t walk away with general health tips that could be found through a simple Google search. You’ll have gained specific insight and knowledge into how your body works and what it needs in order to improve your health and wellness. 


6. Save On Medical Bills

A healthy lifestyle means fewer visits to the doctor. If you are overweight or obese, then you are subject to other diseases that can increase your medical expenses rather quickly. Contrastly, if you engage in a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have a better chance of warding off harmful diseases.


7. Increased Energy

Sure, you can experience a sugar rush from candy and desserts, but you’ve surely felt the energy crash that inevitably follows. Saturated fats tend to drain your energy levels, and if your diet consists of many sugars and saturated fats, then not only will you experience significant weight gain, but your energy will slowly decrease. When you base your diet and lifestyle on healthy choices, you’ll experience more energy and vitality than ever before. More energy for quality time with family and friends.


8. Less Stress

It’s no secret that regular exercise can be therapeutic and reduce stress, but healthy foods (such as foods high in Vitamin C and Magnesium) can help moderate your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. When you’re stressed or in a chronic state, your body quickly breaks down protein. If you have sufficient protein in your diet you can help the body maintain those cortisol levels as well.


9. Improved Self-Confidence

When you change your habits and lifestyle to become more health-oriented, your own self-worth increases, especially as you see results in your physical appearance. It’s easy to be hard on yourself when you constantly feel tired or out of shape. Start today on your path to a healthy lifestyle and watch your self-confidence grow as a result.



Bottom line: if you’ve previously failed to meet your health goals in the past due to impossible diets or if you’re looking to learn how you can make the necessary lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellness, then seek out a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


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Erin M Cipriani