Everyone knows that chiropractic can help with back and neck pain during pregnancy, but here are some surprising benefits of regular chiropractic care during pregnancy that you may not be aware of.


Better Sleep

Catching some zzz’s during pregnancy can be challenging at best, especially during the last trimester.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy aligns the spine, reducing aches and pains and increasing comfort.  Chiropractic also reduces stress and tension in the muscles and ligaments, which may help improve sleep and reduce insomnia.


Easier Delivery

 Women who receive regular chiropractic care during pregnancy maintain optimal pelvic alignment as their baby grows and develops in utero. Proper pelvic alignment is vital during pregnancy for 3 main reasons.  


First, the uterus is suspended from the pelvis by the round ligaments. Any misalignment of the pelvis results in a torque or twist on the round ligaments which not only causes pain in pregnancy but also puts tension both sides of the uterus.  This tension can pull the uterus tight, decreasing the internal space available for baby to develop and make it more difficult for baby to get properly positioned head down for delivery.


Second, misalignment of the pelvis can lead to misalignment and pain in the pubic symphysis.  In some women, this misalignment will lead to pubic symphysis diastasis, a condition where the pubic symphysis becomes dislocated during pregnancy or delivery.  In cases of pubic symphysis diastasis, the best option for mom is often a c-section, to reduce the risk of further separation of the pubic bones during delivery.  Even with this precaution, some cases persist beyond pregnancy, causing difficulties walking and chronic pain.


Finally, proper pelvic alignment allows baby to proceed through the birth canal easily, with no restrictions.  Most women who receive regular chiropractic care during pregnancy report reduced labor times, and decreased pain and discomfort during labor.  There is also a reduced risk of c-section with a properly aligned pelvis that is optimally positioned for the birthing process.






Stress Relief


Whether it’s your first child, your 16th or somewhere in between, there is no doubt that pregnancy places stress on your body. The symptoms of stress can be felt in many different ways, from fatigue, to anxiety attacks, or just general muscles aches. Chiropractic can help.  By aligning the pelvis and spinal vertebrae, tension on the muscles and ligaments are released and tension on the nervous system is reduced..  This helps relax the body and restore balance to the nervous system, reducing the effects of stress and tension on the body.  Women who receive regular chiropractic care through pregnancy often report an increased sense of well-being and tend to report feeling calm throughout their pregnancy.


Bounce Back Faster Post-partum


The process of pregnancy and delivery are a miracle, that is not in question.  However, that miracle does take a toll on mom’s body.  Muscles, ligaments and tendons are stretched to their maximum tolerance, and often weakened in the process.  Most women experience back, neck and/or shoulder pain post-partum.  This is often due to overstretched ligaments, weakened muscles, and the demands of holding, rocking, diapering and feeding a newborn baby.  When you add in a lack of sleep, its amazing mom’s ever make it past the first year!  Chiropractic adjustments help to realign the spine, placing the ligaments in the proper position as the body heals from the pregnancy and delivery process.  Gentle spinal adjustments also release tension and stress on the necks/shoulders from carrying and nursing baby.  Most chiropractors will also work with women to strengthen and stabilize their core and postural muscles.  This helps to restore proper posture as well as increase the strength of the core muscles reducing pain and allowing mom to thrive as she adjust to life with baby.


Stay Healthy


Pregnancy weakens the mother’s immune system, passing most of the nutrients mom to baby.   In addition, vital immunoglobulins (think of them as internal army that helps us fight off viruses and bacteria when they invade) decrease immediately with the onset of pregnancy, not rising again until after delivery. This puts mom at an increased risk of catching various illnesses that can make pregnancy uncomfortable such as colds, sinus infections, and the flu.  Add to that the decreased options for medications and supplements, due to risk to the unborn infant, and mom is usually left just suffering through her illness.  Chiropractic can decrease the risk of illness.  By removing pressure on the nerves, the body is able to function optimally, helping to fight off illness.  In addition, studies have shown an increase in immune system strength following chiropractic adjustments.  Whether mom is healthy, and wants to stay that way, or struggling with a nasty cold, a chiropractic adjustment will be of benefit.  Some chiropractors also do a gentle and safe adjustment to the sinuses, which can bring significant, drug-free relief to mom.


About Dr. Vicki, Webster Certified Chiropractor


Dr. Vicki is a chiropractor at The Natural Health Improvement Center in Alsip.  She is certified in Webster technique, a chiropractic technique specific to pregnancy, and clinically proven safe and effective during pregnancy for both mom and baby.  Dr. Vicki’s patients see her for a variety of reasons during pregnancy, including V-BAC deliveries, pain relief, stress reduction, drug-free deliveries, breech presentation, and pubic symphysis diastasis relief.  Dr. Vicki also offers rehabilitation treatment post-partum, with a focus on retraining the core and postural muscles. Her patients report successful treatment outcomes and healthy, happy babies!


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