Dr. Bill would like to take this time to educate the patients of The Natural Health Improvement Center about the importance of general exercise and activity. With Fall, and unfortunately Winter, approaching and the school year has already begun, our time for exercise is limited, but please understand that being sedentary is one of THE top contributing factors for pain-related complaints!  What Dr. Bill typically informs his patients of his the absolute necessity of consistent, but mild, general exercise.  Whether you want to take a brisk twenty-minute walk around your neighborhood, take a Pilates class at your local gym, or do water aerobics at your local recreation center…the point is that literally ANY consistent physical activity on a weekly basis is better than NOTHING.  This advice ought to be taken seriously by everyone, but especially if you are suffering from pain…the old adage of “bed rest” for back pain is out the window!  The more up and active you are, the better off you will be.  So don’t be afraid to get up, out, and move.  


Of course, if you are suffering from significant symptoms, please don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment for a consultation today with Dr. Bill…he can help to get you back on track!



Dr. Bill