We offer various kinds of aromatherapy here at the Natural Health Improvement Center: Diffusers, organic essential oils, massage oils and essential oils for pregnancy.


The massage oils are blended to be safe and effective. Did you know you can ask to add aromatherapy to your massage session? Or purchase a bottle to use at home?


We are excited to add two NEW blends due to popular demand.


Spot Remover includes grapefruit in an almond oil base to help fade dark spots commonly found around the neck and back. 


Wrinkle Eraser a blend with Frankincense in almond oil to help smooth wrinkles over time. Comes in a spray bottle for easy application to the face.



  • Relieves pain and inflammation, arthritis, muscle aches, cold hands and feet, anti-nausea, grounding
  • Vanilla, Ginger, Sweet Orange



  • Antidepressant, diuretic, lymph system stimulator, weight loss         
  • Grapefruit, Rose, Bergamot  



  • Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Petitgrain 
  • Anti-inflammatory, smooths wrinkles, anti-depressant, focusing, emotional insight, balance



  • Lavender – Relaxing and wonderful for dry skin patches 
  • Eucalyptus – Nature’s best antiseptic great for head colds


Add aromatherapy to your massage for only $10!

The oils come with instructions so you know exactly how to use them. Be sure to check for sensitivities to ingredients. Take some home today!