This week Dr. Bill would like to take a minute to discuss a different topic that he has particular expertise in Pediatrics. Specifically, the topic of how to handle, hold and play with your child.

With his additional training and certification in Pediatric Rehabilitation, Dr. Bill would just like to articulate a couple of general rules to follow concerning the handling and treatment of infants and children.  


First, never attempt to make your child do something that they are physically, and developmentally, incapable of doing.  For example, while it may be fun to hold your infant up by the hands and watch him or her clumsily walk for everyone, please refrain from doing this too much until your child can do it themselves.  Walking is something that doesn’t necessarily need to occur till about fifteen months old, and even then, it occurs after months of preparation via crawling and squatting. 


Second, refrain from allowing your children to rest in postures or positions that they are unable to get themselves into.  For example, using plastic chairs to prop your infant up into a seated position may be useful in some instances, but developmentally speaking, sitting up in a supported way does not typically occur until about ten months old, so to bolster your child into a chair may not be the best way to guide your child’s growth and development.


Hopefully, you have found these suggestions useful, and of course, if you ever have any questions regarding your children’s health and development, please feel free to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bill by calling 708-636-5555.



Dr. Bill