Each foot in the human body has 26 bones. With each step, the foot moves through 6 specific movements in 3 different planes. The average person takes about 4,000-5,000 steps per day. As you stand, walk or run, nerve endings in your feet send messages to your brain about everything from what type of surface you are on to how much force the foot is absorbing. The brain uses this knowledge to engage muscles to help us move around easily and maintain balance.





However, when the foot is restricted and cannot properly move through the 6 specific movements required for each step, the brain rapidly compensates by engaging muscles to try to counterbalance the lost foot motion.  This compensation, over time, can lead to added stress on the joints of the foot, ankle, knee, hips and low back.  


The feet are the base of our body and proper foot motion is essential for the muscles and joints of our body to move properly and maintain alignment. 


A chiropractor trained in the evaluation and treatment of extremities can treat the feet in three ways.


1.) Chiropractic adjustments – Gentle chiropractic adjustments to the feet are a comfortable way to restore proper movement and biomechanics to the foot. 


2) Orthotics - A chiropractor may recommend ordering custom orthotics to help maintain proper foot alignment and movement.  This is especially helpful for those who spend a large part of their day on their feet, or for people who have had surgery, foot damage, or fallen arches.


3) Foot exercises  - Your chiropractor may recommend specific exercises designed to strengthen the muscles in your foot and ankle, improving foot motion and biomechanics.


Dr. Vicki Gazdacka is a board-certified chiropractor and offers care for the whole family.  She is trained in chiropractic techniques for both the spine and the extremities, including the feet.  At your next appointment be sure to ask your chiropractor if your feet should be evaluated!



Dr. Vicki Gazdacka