Many people are interested in trying acupuncture as a therapy to help resolve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, or improve their overall health.  They have read that it produces great results from a news article or were told by a friend that it would be very beneficial to try.  They are intrigued by the concept of acupuncture and would love to reap the benefits of this time tested form of medicine.  The only thing that prevents them from taking the next step forward is their fear of needles.



The truth is that acupuncture needles are not even close to the thickness of needles most people are used to, such as a hypodermic needle used for injections and blood draws.  Acupuncture needles are actually so thin that 18 of them can fit into the hole of a standard syringe.  If you place an acupuncture needle next to a strand of human hair, you will see that the two are very comparable in width.  When the acupuncture needle is inserted in the body during treatment, it only goes a one tenth of an inch in most cases.  The majority of people say they only feel a mild sensation for a second as the acupuncture needle is put in, and then don’t feel it at all during the rest of the thirty minute treatment.  Sometimes people say they don’t even feel the needle as it enters their body.


If fear of needles is holding you back from trying acupuncture, then you are missing out on an amazing therapy that might improve your health in a big way.  Additionally, this fear is based on the false idea that acupuncture needles are the same as other common types of needles.  They aren’t.  If you want proof, just google search “acupuncture needle size” and click on images.  The needle will probably look so small to you that you might have to squint to actually see it!