With the school year coming to an end, and summer right around the corner, our children are finally getting up and out of the house. Whether they are competing in organized youth sports or simply wrestling in the backyard with their younger brothers, consistent general activity is a necessity for ideal physical and mental development of our kids. But while we want to encourage our children to be active, we also want to ensure that they are moving and developing well. 


Over the past ten years of continuing education, Dr. Bill has gained a particular expertise and certification in Pediatrics that is based on the assessment and treatment of movement disorders. This also means that Dr. Bill is confident and capable of examining and treating your infant, toddler, adolescent, or teenager…there are no age restrictions for Dr. Bill’s approach.


While the treatment that Dr. Bill provides sometimes includes typical Chiropractic manipulation, it also includes demonstrating specific stretches and exercises geared to teaching your children how to move and stabilize better while building better posture so that injuries or problems do not occur in the future. 


If your child is complaining of aches and pains or is particularly active in youth sports and you would like to have them properly evaluated, please call now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bill.



Dr. Bill