Do you or anyone you know have experienced wrist pain? We frequently jump to the conclusion that it’s Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and it could be that or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or spinal nerve compression or gout or something else!


You may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if you have one or more of the following: tingling and numbness in the hand, fingers, and wrist; swelling of the fingers; dry palms; blanching (whitening upon pressure) of the hand, or pain so intense that it wakes you up at night. In some people, CTS causes similar symptoms in the elbow, upper arm, shoulder or neck.


Massage therapy can help to alleviate all of these conditions. Clinical Massage Therapist, Sam Margaret Wolf, has extensive training and experience helping people with wrist, elbow and shoulder pain. She will employ the natural, proven methods most beneficial for your particular condition. She may use Active Release Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, effleurage, petrissage, Shiatsu and traction to help you out of pain.


What can you to for self-help between massage sessions?

  • RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation
  • Use a brace or a wrist wrap
  • Stretch your forearmsWatch our video for more self-help techniques


Stop suffering, make a half hour massage appointment to get you on your way to relief!



Sam Wolf, LMT