So many women suffer from unbalanced female hormones symptoms, and they don’t even know it. Good news is, hormones can be balanced, and, even better, they can be balanced naturally.  Let’s start with the endocrine system, which is responsible for female hormone balance. The system consists of the hypothalamus, pineal gland, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, and ovaries.  If anything goes astray with one of these glands, it can throw the whole system out off balance. Some examples of endocrine disorders (adrenal fatigue, hyper/hypothyroidism, dysmenorrheal, PMS, PCOS, and Cushing’s disease) are among the most popular. Hormone disorders are one of the hardest to pinpoint since symptoms can vary widely from person to person.  Some of the most common symptoms that present as hormonal imbalance are sometimes mistaken for “just getting older” these include weight loss resistance, irregular menstrual cycles, heart palpitations, dizziness, infertility, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and irritability. 


Nutrition Response Testing is one of the best tools to help establish a better balance in the organs and glands that regulate female hormones.  Our goal during the nutritional assessment is to uncover the root cause of your hormone imbalance, and then work with the design of the body to correct the underlying issue using safe and natural whole food supplements, homeopathic remedies, and botanicals. We believe the body can repair itself given the exactly the right nutritional building blocks.  If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about restoring hormone imbalances using safe and natural solutions, call the office today to schedule your nutritional analysis with Christine to get on the road to better health! 708-636-5555


Your Initial visit will consist of a detailed health history, review of symptoms and chief complaints, vital signs, nutritional assessment as well as a Heart Rate Variability test to determine your body’s overall state of health and capacity for healing. The results will then be compiled and presented to you on your 2nd visit—the Report of Findings where you will gain a full understanding of the recommendations and underlying causes of your health concerns. During the month of July, we are offering a special for the initial visit and Report of Findings, this is valued at $250, but we are offering these 2 visits for ONLY $75!



Christine Rogus, Practitioner