Hopefully, everyone has been able to take advantage of this beautiful summer weather by getting outside to train for your next 5k, going on hikes at your local forest preserve and trail, or simply taking a nice evening stroll after dinner.  One vital part of this increased activity is ensuring that you are moving properly and maintaining proper biomechanics to reduce the likelihood of increased wear and tear on your body. This includes choosing the best shoes for your feet to support your skeletal system from the ground up!  Whether you are an experienced runner or notice aches and pains after you exercise, your body is letting you know that something is wrong! It may mean that you need to strengthen certain muscles and stretch others or require a Chiropractic adjustment to ensure joints are moving properly.  


With Dr. Bill’s expertise in musculoskeletal medicine and biomechanics, he is able to thoroughly assess your gait (the way you walk) as well as your feet, ankles and above!  With this information, Dr. Bill can help you by designing a treatment protocol which would help to minimize the chance of injury and maximize athletic performance.  Part of your custom designed recommendations would include identifying the best shoe for your needs.  Many people do not realize that athletic sneakers come in many different categories and are made for different types of feet and activity.  Unfortunately, if you do not understand which shoe is best for your feet, you may select the “wrong” shoe, which can sometimes worsen symptoms and keep you from maintaining your exercise program! 


Exercise is crucial to maintaining overall health and we don't want anything standing in the way of you feeling your best! Call the office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bill to uncover any issues that are standing in the way of you staying active!


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