As a Chiropractic physician who specializes in physical therapy and rehabilitation, my patients regularly ask me for advice regarding their weekly strength training and workouts. Whether your routine involves a water aerobics class, Crossfit training, or nightly walks around your neighborhood, using a decent warmup is not only necessary but has been proven to be effective to decrease injury and pain. So, what constitutes an efficient warm-up?


Rather than performing the same, old-fashioned stretches, I encourage my patients to utilize basic movement patterns such as belly breathing, crawling, and squatting to actively engage their bodies. Through active warm-ups, your body and nervous system becomes vitalized and is more “ready” and equipped to move forward with whatever more strenuous and complex workouts you are choosing to perform. Basic stretching of your back, hamstrings, and shoulders, etc. does not engage the nervous system with the same quality that actively engaging primary movement patterns to do, and therefore will lead to less efficient and less effective training. One specific exercise and position that I often suggest for my patients as a decent warm-up strategy is based primarily on proper breathing and beginning stability for the low back and pelvis.


Please watch the video which describes and illustrates this useful exercise:




Dr. Bill