How many bodies do humans have? You may say one and it may sound unusual to ask someone such a silly question about the body. Though, frankly speaking, this question is not unusual but has substance. The sun, for example, is one but, rings full of heat around it are incalculable. Likewise we humans carry just one visible body but beneath that, we also have another, invisible body. Did you know that? Or rather, do you?


Let us explain. Will you accept that sometimes, we feel plain happy or sad just because of the mere presence of a person? We know you’d agree to this. That also gives approval to a belief that every human body has an aura around it. So, the question arises next is: What benefit this invisible body has? What difference does it make if we know it, or don’t know it well? 


Energy body (or aura) has 7 main layers, each of them relating to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual condition of man. These aura layers transmit information between the body (through the chakra system) and the immediate external environment. 


The layers have an ovoid shape and are arranged one inside the other. Each layer or level is an energy field varying in vibration. The outer layers are larger and with a higher vibration.


  • Diseases of the body are reflected in the aura and can be accurately diagnosed by those who can sense, see, or test subtle energy. Illness can, in fact, be recognized in the aura before it manifests in the body, allowing for accurate predictions and early intervention.
  • The colors and shape of the aura are continually changing, influenced by not only physical health, but also emotions, relationships, the activity of the moment, the outer environment, etc.
  • The aura protects you from the physical, emotional, and psychic energies of your environment by screening harmful energies (it acts as a space suit or lightening rod).
  • The aura connects you to nourishing energies in your environment (it acts as an antenna or bridge).
  • The aura then bridges these energies to the chakras and other energy centers (which further process them, often resulting in nerve, hormonal, vascular, and other activity in the physical body).
  • The aura sends signals into your environment that communicate information about you and that attract specific types of energy to you. 
  • The aura holds a set of interrelated fields that are the blueprints for your physical body, your emotions, your awareness, your relationships, and your development.


Energy healing can help clean blockages or balance misalignments. Healers also check for negative entities or emotional cords that may need to be cut. Don’t underestimate the power of these energy checkups.



Shania Abdelrahman, LMT