Good health is more than just the absence of symptoms or disease. We believe a healthy body exhibits: clear skin, restful sleep, balanced digestion, great energy, emotional balance, a strong immune system and a general feeling of overall wellbeing! Do you ever wonder why you are experiencing symptoms that can’t be explained? Do you ask yourself the question “do I need a body detox?” Unfortunately, anyone and everyone who eats, drinks and breathes are being exposed to toxins from our environment. In the body, toxicities are immediately removed from the blood circulation and stored away in vital tissues and organs.


The presence of toxins can cause serious health problems by interfering with the biological function of the body and its organs. For example, heavy metals disrupt metabolic function in two ways. First, they accumulate in the organs and disrupt the function. Second, they displace vital nutrients in the body that provide a biological function and therefore, can’t fulfill the same role as the nutrient, and thus becomes a disruption to the biological function. We can test for the presence of these toxins and determine if they may be an underlying cause of your unexplained symptoms!


Did you realize that the moment you can smell something, it has immediately entered your bloodstream? Scented candles are a very popular item to buy for the home. Everyone loves the scents that they can bring to a room and the benefit of possibly trying to hide a not so nice smell. However, scented candles pollute the air with benzene and toluene. These are toxic components of tailpipe exhaust as well. So, as soon as you smell the scent of the candle, these chemicals are already in your bloodstream and then being stored. Antiperspirants are another example of body products that contain aluminum which many people use daily, and it is considered to be a neurotoxin. Studies are now pointing to a connection between high levels of Aluminum and neurologic changes in the brain affecting memory—Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


So, how do you know if you have toxic overload and build-up in your body?? Schedule a Nutrition Response Testing first initial appointment, and find out the root cause of your symptoms today! Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive analysis of the body to determine the underlining causes of symptoms of a disease.


If you are wanting to get your health back on track before the holidays are upon us, take advantage of our fall special, just $75 for the Initial analysis and the Report of Findings! Call us at 708-636-5555 to schedule today!



Christine Rogus, Practitioner