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Our purpose is to help as many families in our community as we possibly can, restore and maintain optimal health using the most natural means possible.

Before I had heavy bleeding and breast tenderness, irritability and constipation, severe headaches with the menstrual cycle, now—wonderful, I feel better, decreased menstrual symptoms, no constipation, regular periods, no headache and decreased bloating. I feel great! Thank you very much!


NHICA Patient


Before I had burning in my stomach, bowel and low energy, Now I have no burning in my stomach and energy is improved.


NHICA Patient

I had high blood pressure, digestive problems, swollen ankles and legs and had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure by one doctor. I was in and out of hospitals and when I chose to seek a healthier way I went to see Dr. Phelps and each day I have progressed to being healthier. Thank you Dr. Phelps! Now I have no more digestive problems, I can swallow pills with no difficulty. No more swollen ankles—blood pressure and heart rate is normal. No more heart palpitations. If we could only realize there is a better way to good health besides prescription drugs. Dr. Phelps has made me a healthy 79 year old woman.


NHICA Patient


Before I had high blood pressure (with 3 prescriptions), lethargy, insomnia, overweight, unmotivated to do things, no energy and no exercise, increasing cholesterol creeping toward the “danger” level. Now pressure is lower with 1 less pill, lost 18 pounds! Sleep well (uninterrupted) more energetic and no longer require an afternoon nap. Am eating much healthier and have tailored my diet to my needs. I feel so much better! Cholesterol is back down in the normal range.


NHICA Patient

Before I came in I had no energy at all, depressed, everything seemed like a chore to me. Was tired of MD’s giving me pills, on too many meds. Just felt like there should be a nutritional way. I have been in chronic pain since 1990 from 9 abdominal surgeries and a serious jaw infection in 2000. Since I consulted with Dr. Phelps and she evaluated me without pulling any punches, she felt she could help me and certainly accomplished that for me. Energy is 100% better, I’m not depressed. I can’t wait to get going in the morning now. She listens and acts on your complaints or symptoms, and is highly intelligent! I am a true testimony to her work and dedication to her new patients! I just love her and Colleen! Even my doctors are in awe!


NHICA Patient


What was it like before you came in to see us?

I had such lower back pain that I could barely stand straight, sit, or walk. It was debilitating! I tried over the counter pain relief--but got no relief until I saw Dr. Bill!


How is it now?

I am 100% better. I can move as I need to and I do the exercises daily which have my back stronger.


Karen McQuinn

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I suffered from frequent migraines. I got them at least on a weekly basis. I was sick of taking so much medication and losing whole days to recover from a migraine.


How is it now?

I haven't had a migraine in three weeks now. I haven't even gotten tension or regular headaches either. I'm excited at the prospect of being migraine free and do it in a natural way.


Sabina Byrdak


I've been a patient of Doctor Bill for about a year and a half and I'm glad that when I called the natural health improvement center and asked if a chiropractor could see me, he was available it was either go see him or go to the emergency room. I'm very glad that a year and a half later that he was a available that day because he knows what he's talking about, he has made me whole again and he's really easy to talk to, the home exercises helped immensely and any time I've needed to go in extra he's always been there. So thank you Doctor Bill.



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